Pacific Northwest Alphabet Banner Wall Display Cards



My love of the Pacific Northwest is captured in these Alphabet Display Cards with 26 original watercolor illustrations, one for each letter of the alphabet.

These larger format cards are designed to display in a classroom or nursery. Each card features an animal or noteworthy place or item iconic of my beloved home state, Oregon, coordinated with the letter sound. Uppercase and lowercase print letters are included on each card.

The Alphabet Display Cards include:

A for Arrowhead

B for Beaver

C for Coast

D for Deer

E for Eagle

F for Falls

G for Gorge

H for Heron

I for Island

J for Junco

K for Kites

L for Lighthouse

M for Mountain

N for Nuts

O for Orchard

P for Pinecone

Q for Quail

R for Rose

S for Squirrel

T for Trout

U for Umbrella

V for Vineyard

W for Wagon

X for LynX

Y for Yarrow

Z for QuartZ

Cards measure approximately 5×6 inches.

This listing is for a digital download only. Flashcards print 2 to a page. This listing features a PRINT font. Available in cursive in a separate listing soon.

Looking for Alphabet Flashcards? Go here:

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