My Favorite Preschool Pumpkin Printables

I don’t know about you, but I love the simple pleasure of a good pumpkin. Sound ridiculous? Ask any preschooler what they think about this seasonal squash and I guarantee their response will be equally exuberant!

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We love everything about studying pumpkins in our home. It’s fun to pick them, wash them, carve them, paint them, light candles in them, dry seeds, make tasty treats, and on and on the possibilities go…

Today I’m going to share with you My Favorite Preschool Pumpkin Printables to make your exploration of pumpkins even more exciting!

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Invitation

The Pumpkin Invitation from Steph Hathaway Designs is everything your heart could desire in the way of beautiful, original watercolor illustrations and educational expansion options. I love simple, flexible materials suited to a variety of ages, and this invitation does exactly that!

My kids using the Pumpkin Anatomy card from Steph Hathaway Designs Pumpkin Invitation

I implemented this resource with my 4 and 2 year olds by displaying the life cycle and anatomy posters, using the mini anatomy card for our pumpkin dissection, creating the parts-of-a-pumpkin play felts with the included felt pattern, and completing the anatomy of a pumpkin coloring page.

We also will use the count and clip cards, lifecycle 3 Part Cards, letter “P” pages. Additionally, there are classic pieces of art featuring pumpkins, a pumpkin poem (perfect for morning time!), and recommendations for additional online resources.

Pumpkin Patch Printables

For a slightly more whimsical and lighthearted approach to pumpkins, Fiddlesticks Kids has a pumpkin bundle that you must see! Becca also illustrates all of her materials — they are stunning.

I love this set of pumpkin printables because it adds another layer of interest and play to pumpkin unit studies. One of my favorite aspects of materials by Fiddlesticks Kids is the unique and imaginative inclusion of games and free-play materials, and this short and sweet bundle is at once both educational and inviting.

We like the pretty watercolor journaling page (although this year I’ll probably primarily use it to decorate my school memory board), the pumpkin anatomy labeling activity, and the awesome pumpkin patch activity with phonics practice pumpkins. Plus, there is a recipe sequence activity, pumpkin math activity, and a super cute Trick or Treat card game included — perfect for Halloween.

If you fall in love with works by Fiddlesticks Kids, then you will be excited to see the brand new Pumpkin Life Cycle Poster! Additionally, the Phonics Play Set features pumpkins for the Letter P activities.

Pumpkins & Beyond

In search of a multipurpose autumn / fall bundle with enough materials to keep you busy from October through November? Look no further than the Fall & Thanksgiving Unit Study from Life, Abundantly Blog.

Talk about versatile. This bundle has so many activities and so many potential uses. More all-encompassing as a fall-themed bundle than the other pumpkin-centric printables mentioned in this post, it could be used as the foundation for a variety of autumnal studies.

It’s also good if the only part you emphasize is pumpkins. Included are coloring pages, fall color identifying, scavenger hunt pages, handwriting tracing practice, lacing practice, and lots more.

For our pumpkin study, we will use the coloring page, pumpkin handwriting tracing page, and the super cute color identifying pages.

Pumpkin Varieties

Finally, I also want to share with you my own pumpkin creations! I’ve designed and illustrated these sets with particular care to expand on the previously mentioned bundles and take a look at pumpkins in a new way.

My pumpkin printables focus on eleven different types of pumpkins — did you know there were so many? I’ve made a Pumpkin Varieties Poster and 3 Part Cards set as well as a Pumpkin Activity Bundle. You can find both in my shop.

Pumpkin Varieties 3 Part Cards

My activity bundle includes a super adorable (IMHO) printable pumpkin bunting banner, large pumpkin counting cards (1-10), name writing page, pattern strips, cutting strips, and a pumpkin-wreathed alphabet. The cool thing about celebrating so many types of pumpkins is that you get many shapes, colors, and sizes to explore!

Click here to check out the Pumpkin Activity Bundle

That’s all I have for you today! So tell me: What is your favorite pumpkin-themed pastime to do with your kids? Do you have pumpkin traditions?

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