Butterfly Color Sorting

With three very small children, “sweet and simple” is my motto for any activity. This precious little butterfly color sorting activity is just the ticket!

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We are working through a preschool unit study on Butterflies with Gentle + Classical Preschool. It’s a super fun unit with so much potential for fun projects and activities. What’s not to love about butterflies??

To offer my kids a little practice sorting colors while looking at the gorgeous diversity of butterflies from across the globe, I set up this sweet and simple butterfly sorting activity. Since we are also introducing primary colors (and green) during this unit, this activity uses these colors to create sorting categories.

There are many, many, many wonderful options available for Butterfly printables. Pinterest is practically bursting with them. I found our butterflies for this activity on this site. There are easy-to-download free photograph collages of butterflies. I love the variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns offered in these files!

Gorgeous butterflies from

After printing, I simply cut out all the butterflies that matched my color guides. I placed the butterflies in a small basket next to the color cards we are using (by Steph Hathaway Designs). My 2yo was right by my side as I set this little project up — he was soooo ready to dive right in and begin sorting!

I’m amazed by how much the kids enjoyed this little project. It was fun to hear them saying the colors outloud, discussing together the conundrum of butterflies with multiple colors, and carefully placing the butterflies on the related cards.

Sweet and simple indeed.

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