Backyard Nature Walks

With the arrival of Spring, there has been much rejoicing in our home.

We live in a sweet 1940s house with vintage molding, original hardwood floors, light-catching windows, and only 600sqft of living space. Let’s just say that the expanse of our backyard after a winter cooped up inside with five people, two cats, and two parakeets is VERY WELCOME.

I have high hopes for this year’s season of outdoor adventuring. Last summer was tough on me. I was heavily pregnant with our third baby, potty training my oldest, and making sure my 1yo son didn’t eat all the nature … lol.

But I’m already impressed by my kids this year. Just one year older, but they are so much more independent, self-directed, and capable. Three cheers for autonomy!

Alyce (3yo) was absolutely over the moon about getting our garden started. My mom brought us some inaugural snap pea seeds and nasturtium seeds (saved from her own yard) to plant here. Alyce loved the whole process of turning the soil, digging holes, planting seeds, and patting the seeds “night-night.”

Lewis (almost 2yo) is so pleased that swing-season has returned. I think he would happily spend all day gliding across the yard in our red tree swing.

Sybie (4mo) wiggled and squirmed in her exersaucer, eyes wide at the awesomeness of the outdoors she’s experiencing for the first time.

We all took turns holding an earthworm. We marveled at a budding magnolia tree in our neighbor’s yard. We exclaimed over patches of precious Violas. Did you know they can be pink as well as purple??

After coming inside, we opened our brand new TwingandMoth Nature Journals. These are so fabulous! Alyce chose the “minibeasts” cover for her notebook — seriously hilarious. “I like gross bugs, Mom!”

It was really special to take the time to notice the little details outside with my kids in anticipation of recording our findings in their journals. I was amazed how joyously the kids took to this project.

Between juggling the baby and meeting the needs of the “big kids” I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted. Next time šŸ˜‰

Welcome to Green Urban Mama! Iā€™m Lydia, a stay at home mom with masters degree in TESOL, a history of dancing classical ballet, and a passion for raising my three-3-and-under in an earth friendly, arts saturated, faith focused, and education filled home.

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